Caitlyn Rebecca Helzer
Born Dec 11, 2004
[The New Kid] The original pic
Taken Dec 11-20, 2004


8 lbs.
7 oz.


[The New Kid]
Baby Catie
[The New Kid]
Chris, Cas & Caitlyn
Been a rough 1st day
Pic 1 2
Kids hold Caitlyn
Eric and Rachel hold Caitlyn
Pic 1 2
The New Helzer Family
Caitlyn is Pretty in Pink and looking better day 2
Pic 1 2
Marcia and Caitlyn
Chris' Mom and Caitlyn
Newborns, the natural sleep aid for Stir. Where's Danielle?
Danielle & Caitlyn
Here she is...Danielle and Caitlyn
Pic 1 2
Rachel Holding doll
You looking at me..punk!?!
Pic 1 2
Casandra's Sister Carrie and Eric
Carrie Likes her new niece
Pic 1 2
My Sister Michelle and Caitlyn
Aunt Michelle and Caitlyn
Jordan and Caitlyn
My brother Jordan and Caitlyn
Julia and Caitlyn
Julia made it down about a week later to see her new niece.
Pic 1 2
My Sister Michelle and Caitlyn
My Grandpa Helzer made it all the way from Utah to see Caitlyn
Jordan and Caitlyn
My dad and Caitlyn
My Sister Michelle and Caitlyn
High School friend Brain Gonzalez and his wife Mary came to see a brand new Caity
Jordan and Caitlyn
Casandra's Grampa Gingras fought orange county traffic to spend some time with Caitlyn
Short Videos
Caitlyn Specs Vid
The Specs of Caitlyn Hours after Birth
Kids see Baby sister
The Kids see Caitlyn for the First Time
Head Up!!
Caitlyn holding up her head for a bit