Here is a collection of sonograms from Casadras pregnancy with Caitlyn and a video of the excitment we felt knowing Caitlyn was coming to our family.

It's a....

No Outdoor Plumbing?
As far as they can till we are having a girl. The picture to the left indicates no visible outdoor plumbing but they were never able to get a really good shot. But they gave us a good 70% chance we are having a girl. So Caitlyn Rebecca Helzer it is! Above all I love Rachel Reaction to the News that we got on video.

Profile view of the Belly and the Head

Another Profile view of the Belly and Head

Head Profile

Head Profile2

Head Profile 3

Scratching her Head

The Face

An Arm

A good right hook

A Long Leg

A track star?

A foot with 5 Toes

Always a good sign
If you would like to download a slightly clearer non-compressed version of the sonograms I saved the same photos in a .tif format (viewable with Adobe products) in the 04 Sonograms folder of the online briefcase
Some of you may remember the contest we had to guess Caitlyn Birthdate. A friend and Co-worker of mine Daniel Mora won the contest, coming within 8 hours of the actual Birth Hour.
What's your guess! Answer the questions in Red and it could win you 2 Movie Tickets!
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