Links to Other Sites that Friends & Relatives of mine have made.

Page created by my wife Casandra.

Page created by my mother Marcia.

Page my best friend John Weddle made to display family photos and interests.

created by my cousin Daniel Preece's wife Alicia.

My cousin Kathryn's website.
My cousin Tanya's website.

Web page created by my friend and superb artist John Trimble.

Web page created by my friend and co-worker John Hodges.

Page I created for a friend April Noland.

If you want to know where I learned to create this page and to give credit to those who made this page possible, you can try these links:
Palomar College Home page
AE Online Lab 4.3
Heikki's Free Pics
Absolute Backgrounds
HTML Hot Tips
The Quotations page
EchoEcho JavaScript Tutorial
Slackers Guide to DHTML
Site Hosted by Tripod and Yahoo

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