Baby Due
All organs developed, may gain 1 ounce per day
Hair on head could be up to 2 inches long
size about 21 inches
Fetus Moving, blinking, and kicking
Soft fingernails growing on fingers and toes
Size 19.4inches
Baby continues to grow
Baby should be turning head down
Size 18inches
baby continue to grow
Womb Presses upward
Can Open Eyes
Baby size about 15 inches
Third Trimester Fetus Growing Rapidly
May Hiccup
Fetus can hear your voice
Baby Body getting plump
Eyelids and Eyebrows developed
Fine Hair Starting to Grow
She's Halfway!
Baby size 5.2in to 6.0in in length
First Fetal Movement can be felt
A Little fat begins to form
Baby size 4.4in to 4.6in in length
Fetus May suck thumb. Heartbeat Twice as fast as Mommy
Ears and Eyes Move Forward
Second Trimester Fetus Completely Formed
Bone Center Forming, Head is Rounder
Fingernails Appear, Eyelids, close
Morning Sickness starts to decrease
Arms and legs can move
Embryo now becomes a fetus
Developing lungs, intestines, liver and eyes
Heart begins to beat
Heart, brain and skeleton begins to form
Different cell layers begin to form
Fertilized egg implants in lining of the womb
Miracle of conception occurred