Contest Rules

The following definitions may make it easier to understand the rules listed below:
Child - the 3rd child to be born to Christopher and Casandra Helzer that was conceived in March of 2004.
Website - Chris Helzer's family homepage
Our or Ours - Will refer the Chris and Casandra Helzer.
You and Yours - will refer to anyone entering into the contest.

Section I: Winner Selection
Winner will be selected from valid entries submitted at the Website and from valid entries recieved by mail postmarked before December 1, 2004 or the actual date the Child is born, whichever comes first. Contest winner will be determined by the entry that guesses the closest to the actual date and time Our Child is born whether before or after the date of birth. In the event of a tie the weight of the 2 or more entries in question will be compared to see which entry is the closest to the actual birthweight of the Child to determine the winner. Winning entry must be willing to provide a mailing address to send prize too. If winner is unable or unwiling to provide a mailing address the 2nd place contestant will be declared contest winner. Cycle will continue in like manner if second place winner cannot provide address. Winner will not be able to be selected until the Child is born

Section II:Valid Entries
In order to be eligible to win the contest an entry must be considered vaild. all invalid entries will be discarded. For any participating entry to be valid must include the following:
  1. An exact date and time designated AM or PM.
  2. An exact weight in pounds and ounces.
  3. Name
  4. Mailing Address or Unique E-mail Address

Section III:
Privacy Notice

Section IV:prize
Winner of the contest will recieve to G.A.T passes good at all particpating Regal Cinemas Theaters. Prize winner will be mailed thier prize no later than 15 business days after Child has been born. Tickets will be valid for at least 2 months after mailing date. If tickets are not used prior to expiration date, Neither Chris Helzer nor any of his relatives or assistants in this contests will be held liable for lost, stolen, damaged or unused tickets.

Section V:In conclusion
No purchase necessary, must be 8 yrs or older to win. Subscribing to Website does not increase chance of winning. Only 1 entry allower per person. Chris Helzer and Family will not be held resposible for those that do not win and will not be held liable for any pain, suffering or hurt feelings for not being the best guesser of our new Babies Size and weight at birth. This contest is for entertainment purposes only neither Chris Helzer nor any of his relatives, family members or friends expect or stand to gain any profit from this contest. We are not an anyway affiliated with Regal Cinemas and they should not be held liable in any regards to aforemention contest either. Thank you for visiting, I hope you have an excellent day.