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Noah Ark Memory A fun memory game to find the pairs of the animals before the storm starts and they all drown. Link submitted by Marcia. I am guessing this game was created by Miles Cooley, who happens to have a pretty cool website with a great opening animation. If you get the chance you should watch it at least once.

Waste Paper Shooter A mindless game that uses similar priciples has the old cannon game, trying to make the shot taking into account the wind resitance and direction. I just think it;s funny and can't help but play now and again. Thanks to Marcia for this link. Based on a little known, but rapidly becoming popular, excellent and educational boardgame, you can play a full version of the Ticket-To-Ride© online for free as long as you don't mind joining games created by others. And if you purchase a new copy of the boargame then you will get a one year subscription to be able to create games online and keep track of you statistics when you do play on line for a limited amount of time. Some very popular card games available online to try out. You can play the Play Quiddler© featured below, the ever popular Set©, and the more challending Xactica© Online. They are all lots of funa and best of all Set is a fantastic learning game for young children and just as challenging for adults. Try your luck on the daily puzzles and you may find yourself very stumped.
Favorite Game on site:Chris-QuiddlerCas-Set Another Great game site. This one referred to me by the Withams. Fun free games that you do have to download part of to play (small downside). But again it has lots of non-violent fun games for the kids and I 'm sure we all saw that study that says it is actually good for kids that want to become doctors to play video games because it's alot of hand eye coordination these days using joysticks and playing doctor on a screen while little mini robots do the the diggin and pluggin! So mom tell those kids to play 3 hours of games a night as part of your homework! (of course this is all about the kids! :-)
Favorite Game on site:Chris-BookwormCas-Zuma Classic arcade games, Boardgames and games you played as a kid when you were board (like tic tac toe and hangman) to be freely played online. Graphics aren't stellar but they work, and load quickly for maximum fun. Each game gives details of how long it will take to load to browser and what what it was created in (Java, VB etc) before you actually select to play it and usually will show a screen shot at well.
Favorite Game on site:Chris-PacMan Cas-Undecided. Simple games to fill time and mello the mind. Graphics aren't stellar but they work load quickly for maximum brain resting time. Make sure your java applets permissions are up to date or you won't get far.
Favorite Game on site:Chris-JavaNoid Cas-Pop 'n Drop.

FreeWorldGroup.comLots of free online games from the classics you saw on the nintendo and others that didn't make the cut because of simple grapics. On most the Graphics are ok but that means more downloading time. Additionally they have free games you actually download and play from your PC.
Favorite Game on site:Chris-Tanks Cas-Tanks.

TheFlashGames.comLots of free online games from the classics you saw on the nintendo and others that didn't make the cut because of simple grapics. On most the Graphics are ok but that means more downloading time. You'll need the latest flash player(also free) to play the games but the games play fast.
Favorite Game on site:Chris-Duck Hunt Cas-Can't Decide

Board Game Reviews and Links for less known games.
Ticket To Ride Is a fun and educational game for the whole family (best played by ages 8 and up and 2-5 players) The older family members play while the younger onces help place the trains. Game play is fairly simply and no one knows who has won for sure until the very end. A brief synopsis:
Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.
As an added bonus current versions of the game include a years full membership to the online version of the game. A full version of the game can be played online for free at . the only catch is that you have to join a game created by a paying member or someone who has bought the game.
Garfield© BoardgameA fantastic game for young children (best with ages 4 and up and 2-4 players) and entertaining enough to have fun as an adult playing it with your child. Game play is short (only about 20-30 minutes) so the kids might actually finish the game and the rules are fairly simple yet well structured and the game is a fun time overall for anyone that is a fan of the early(classic) version Garfield©.
Apples to Apples A fantastic game for parties! (best with ages 8 and up and 4-12 players). This hilarious game of comparisons goes beyond just comparing things apples to apples. It's a great "get to know" you game without of the intimdation of having to reveal some deep, dark secret like other party games. But it can reveal quite quickly the likes and dislikes of an individual. Best of all game play is pretty simple and there is almost no setup involved at all. I have played it with a group as large as twelve and that for an interesting game you could probably play with more but game takes a lot longer. If you like to host dinner parties or are the kind of person that likes to invite the new neighbors over for dessert this game is a definite must.
Quiddler Another challenging card game for scrabble/rummy lovers (best with ages 12 and up and 2-10 players). This game is combination of Scrabble and Gin Rummy offshoots. Object of the game is to use all the cards of the round (each round you are dealt more cards to deal with) to make one or more words. Points awarded for the using difficult letter like in scrabble. additionally bonus points are given for the longest word and the most words made with the letters on your hand. More fun with more players but game play does get slow once someone sets down in a round as all players then have one more turn to set down and it can take time to find the best combination. Best played as teams of two so you have more eyes looking at the same letters.
Play on Words An challenging card game for scrabble/upwords lovers (best with ages 12 and up and 2-4 players). This game is combination of Upwords, and Phase 10 for game lovers that are familiar with the Scrabble and Gin Rummy offshoots. Play consists of making certain combinations of words of various lengths and colors. The first one to set down gets the most points. Winner is the player that has the most points after the 10 rounds of play. Game moves fairly quickly with 2 but is hilarious with more.
Triopoly An challenging board game for monopoly lovers(best with ages 12 and up). This game takes monopoly to a new level. Game include 3 boards that work with each other to combine for exciting game play. Updated to the modern ages of travel and big cities. Like the original monopoly this game provides hours of good time and great competition.
Word Thief An challenging card game for scrabble lovers(best with ages 10 and up). It combines a little bit of scrabble, rummy and a couple of card games that I can't think of right to make your brain feel like scrambled eggs after your done. The rules are a little complicated on the first read but once the game is going you will laugh, you will cry, you will want to shove your neighbors face in Apple pie! Played right no matter how far behind with small adjustments in strategy anyone can make a comeback.
Take Off An entertaining game for the whole family (best with ages 5 and up). A great game for learning geography. Luck and a pair of multi-colored die are used to lead from one side of the world to the other via some of the most well known cities of the world and some that are barely known. Additionally the Take off sides prompt you to chose 1 of the hundred cards that can lead close to victory or set you back a few thousand miles, where half the fun is trying to find the city and country the card will lead you to. I loved to play this game as a child and look forward to playing this game with my children. A definite keeper.
Oilman A great game for the whole family (best with ages 8 and up). An excellent game that is different every time. More or less you have a box full of different sizes blocks that represent different levels of striking oil. Gameplay begins with auctions for pieces of land chosen by game players. Never know what you bought till you take a chance and drill. This game always scored big points with me because of the unique gameplay and no one stragedy would work in every game. Word of warning, not recommended to be played where animals or small children reside as "bump" on the table can change the entire structure of the game and there are many small pieces that a little one could choke on.
The Farming Game A great game for the whole family (best with ages 8 and up). The game looks like a monopoly spoof at first and while the object to end up the with the most networth after a certain period of time or board revolutions (which represent 1 year) the game play is quite different. In the end the idea of being farmer seems more like gambling than anything else as Game play involves a quite a bit of chance. When buying zone comes around do I go for the high priced possible small chance of a huge profit fruit or do I go for the stardard price hay that gives many opportunities to harvest but with a pretty standard yield no matter the rolling ability. Because it involves not only buying and harvesting but handling operating costs it is actually used by many middle and elementry schools as a learning tool. A great game all-around.