Eric Christopher Helzer
Born Nov 9, 2002
[The New Kid] The original pic
Taken Nov9-10, 2002


7 lbs.
10 oz.


[The New Kid]
Erics First Morning
[The New Kid]
Father and Son
Casandra's Sister Carrie and Eric
Look at that cute nose
Pic 1 2
Cas and Eric
Cas and the New Baby
Pic 1 2
The New Helzer Family
The New and improved Helzer Family
Pic 1 2
Marcia and Eric
Chris' Mom and Eric
Melodie and Eric
Cas' Mom and Eric
Chris, Rachel and Eric
Daddy and his Kids
Pic 1 2
Rachel Holding doll
Rachel and her baby (practicing to hold Eric)
Pic 1 2
My Brother-in-Law (husband to Casandras sister Danielle) and Eric
Ster sizes up Eric's muscles, Where is Danielle?
My Sister Michelle and her Husband Lucas and Eric
Aunt Michelle and Uncle Lucas loving little Eric
Jordan, Rebecca and Eric
Uncle Jordan, Aunt Reb Admire Eric Handsome looks
Pic 1 2
Casandra's Sister Carrie and Eric
Carrie Likes her new nephew
Pic 1 2
Short Videos Grandma and Papa Burrel W/eric Eric and his toes 3 months