Melissa's J. Lystrup
Born on August 19th, 1980. She was born at Bannock Regional Medical Center in Pocatello, Idaho to parents James and Elisabeth Lystrup. Melissa was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho. Melissa was a normal child, normal girl. Third daughter and middle child of five kids. She liked girl things and was very girly!! She tried softball, clogging, gymnastics, violin, and piano. Never really stuck to anything. Melissa graduated from High School in 1999. Melissa started working at a place called Tastee Treet. After about a few months Melissa moved to Provo to go to school at a business school and did not really like it. Melissa moved back home around May of 2000. That is where Melissa and some friend moved into a apartment and Melissa started working part time for her dad and started going to ISU. Then in September of 2000 Melissa was at a institute dance with her friends and danced with this really cute guy!! Her friend was working at Sears with him at the time so she asked her to get his phone number. A week later she called him and he was supposed to be at work but he was having car troubles so they got to talk that night and started dating in late October and were engaged by Thanksgiving.