Jade W. Strickland
Born September 27th 1978 @ Bannock Regional Medical Center in Pocatello Idaho to loving parents Thomas and Jeannie Strickland. Jade's family were living in Blackfoot ( Moreland) Idaho (and do now). When Jade was just a few years old they moved to Coeur d' Alene , Idaho and moved back to Blackfoot (Moreland) when Jade was around 4 years old. Jade grew up in Blackfoot (Moreland) Idaho. His love of baseball started when he was very young. Watch Braves games with his father. Jade played baseball the majority of his growing up life. He played little league as a child. In Jr. High Jade tried to broaden his horizons and played some football and and wrestled a little . Jade played in his high school team (Snake River, Panthers). He played All-Stars when he was not in school so he was always playing baseball! He started working for his aunt and uncle and the local store called JB's. Jade graduated from Snake River High School in 1997. After High School he stared going to College. When he found out he needed more money for school he applied for a job at Sears and worked there up until he his mission. In 1998 @ the age of 19 he was called on a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Ecuador. After serving a full time mission he came home in June of 2000. He started working back at Sears and then applied inat AMIS ( a business in Pocatello that makes circuits for microchips)in August of 2000. Jade started working nights every mon-wed and every other thurs. 7 pm-7 am (still working there!! GRRR!!) In Sept of 2000 Jade went to a institute dance with his cousin Leslie and a friend from work at Sears. There he asked a couple of girls to dance and one of them got his phone number and called him a week later. That night he was having car troubles so he could not go to work. Jade does not usually have car troubles!!! That is how he met Melissa! Then the went on a official first date in around Halloween (I think) and engaged by Thanksgiving!