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Diablo II and Arreat Summit Update News

June 4, 2002

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Mp3
Download Ice Caves, a specially mastered Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Mp3 with liner notes by the composer here.
June 3, 2002

Keith Parkinson Limited Edition Diablo II Print Now On Sale
Blizzard has teamed up with one of the largest names in fantasy art to bring the dark and gothic world of Diablo to life. In "Final Stand", Keith Parkinson has meticulously depicted five mortal heroes in a desperate struggle against the Lord of Terror, Diablo. The mortal heroes of Sanctuary will need to pool all of their tremendous powers to defeat the raging demon in his own realm. Will they be victorious - or will this be their 'Final Stand' against the shadow? This image has been carefully reproduced in a limited quantity, with each high-quality print signed and numbered by Parkinson. These prints are printed on 100 lb. cover stock with a paper size of 24" x 34" and are now available through the Blizzard online store.
May 31, 2002

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Mp3
Download Halls, a specially mastered Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Mp3 with liner notes by the composer here.
May 8, 2002

Warning: New Diablo II hack found
A new Diablo II hack targeting the users of hack programs, is currently being circulated under a variety of names. The hack automatically drops all of a character's inventory on the ground. Some versions of the hack then prevent the player from picking any items back up, while other variants kick the player out of the game. Please protect your characters by avoiding programs you are unsure of. If you notice a program in your email, make sure you know what it is prior to downloading. For more information on the dangers of using hacks and third party programs, along with a list of common dangers posed by these programs, please visit our Hacks and Third Party Programs page. Also note: Users of hacks open themselves up to running into the problems listed on the Hacks page, as well as having their accounts and/or CD-Keys banned from Battle.net. Please contact hacks@blizzard.com to report hacks or Web sites distributing hacks.

-- Blizzard Technical support
April 26, 2002

Some Diablo II patch 1.10 details
We are currently working on a significant Diablo II patch, the full details of which will be released when the patch is ready. At this time, we can release a few specific details about a new feature in the 1.10 patch. We are introducing a new type of character, called a ladder character. There will now be two types of characters: normal and ladder. All characters created before 1.10 will be considered normal characters. Characters created before 1.10 will not have the option of being ladder characters. You must create a new character after patch 1.10 is released, and mark it as a ladder character to create a ladder character.

Characters created before patch 1.10 will not be able to join games with these new ladder characters, although they will be able to play with other normal characters that predate the 1.10 patch or characters created after 1.10 that are not created as ladder characters. This means that for the duration of the ladder season - which is yet to be determined - these ladder characters will exist in a new separate economy from the other Battle.net Diablo II characters.

No legitimate characters or items will be deleted with this patch, although we continue deleting hacked or duped items, as well as characters that are part of accounts used to attack the Battle.net servers.

April 25, 2002

Diablo II patch 1.10 currently in development
We are currently working on a significant patch and update for Diablo II. Details will be forthcoming in the near future. The patch will be posted as soon as it is complete, along with a list of the modifications it contains. We sincerely appreciate the patience and continued enthusiasm of the Diablo II community during this time.
April 11, 2002

Chest Hack users banned
Over 20,000 Battle.net accounts have been banned. All of these accounts were associated with 8,500 accounts using the "Chest Hack" that appeared in the user community over the past week. In addition to this hack's effects on the player economy, its use directly affected the stability of Diablo II realms, causing a number of dramatic performance issues. This is in keeping with our commitment to provide the highest possible level of quality for our legitimate users.

-The Battle.net Team
April 5, 2002

Diablo II Realm Abuse
The chest hack has been stopped on Diablo II realms. Accounts that used that hack have been noted and are now banned from Battle.net. Over 7,000 accounts are no longer accessible.

We regret having to ban those accounts. However, certain unscrupulous players were impairing the game play of Diablo II, and that will not be tolerated.

-Blizzard Entertainment
April 3, 2002

New Novel From Pocket Books, Diablo: The Black Road, In Stores Now
Darrick Lang is coming home. Years ago he left the town of Bramwell to walk the wide world as a soldier of fortune and champion of the realm. But Bramwell is not as he left it. Something dark and terrifying has ensnared the townsfolk, something very old and very patient, tangling innocents in a web of malice and profaning the very earth itself. Now that same power calls to Darrick...and his only hope may be to walk the same perilous path of damnation. [Available Now] You can also read about our e-books here.
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