First you should contact me and we have discuss the focus of site you would like to create, the format you like it to appear in. The cost to you. And then there is the actual creating of the site and some of the specifics like the backgrounds and content that you want on the site.

So the question you have, is how are you going to get those printed 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc pictures of your children, siblings, and other obsure relatives onto the webpage that I make for you. There are a couple of alternatives. There is of course the really expesive of option of buying a scanner and scanning the pictures yourself, so that I can cut crop and downsize the pictures so it doesn't take a half hour for each one to show up. If you have a relativly small amount of photos to add to the page (lets say for example you want a nice layout of mostly text and prices and animated gifs you gotten off the web to spice of your topic) then you can go to your local K-mart, or Wal-mart, etc and they now have those fancy scanners that then allow you to cut and crop and save to disk if you want. Finally, if you trust me with your priceless memories, we could arrange for you to send me your pictures by regular mail and I do in fact have my own scanner and software to cut, crop and otherwise adjust your fancy photos to a web like format.

If you have no Idea what is a good background to use then you can either chose from some of the more popular backgrounds that I use found around the different sites I have created. When choosing a background you want to have an Idea of the how much and what colors of text you'll want to use on your site. Especially if the site you create will have a lot of text then a busy background will distract for the message of your site. If you are creating a site that is mostly pictures like a family site then colorful backgrounds will often enhance the pictures but you should keep in mind the type of pictures you have. I dark color background combined with pictures taken at night might give you and your site an unwanted halloween type of look. Where as a really light background with light pictures might be difficult to look at for long periods of time and may dissuade family members or surfers from spending much time at your site. (if you don't believe me try staring at a blank microsoft work screen for a long time. The Black text on a white background makes for a great contrast and it is easy to see the words. But your eyes get tired after a short time.

If you don't like my small collection then I can refer you to a few good buttons and background sites
that have thousands of backgrounds on display free for the taking. You can download it and send it to me and I will use it unless I really think it would detract from your site. But even If I completely disaggree with the background choice I will at least do an example and send it to you telling you why I don't think the background would fit. If you still insist I will use the background of your choice. It's your site. Now if you have an Idea of what kind of backgrounds you want (colors, designs, etc) but not one to search different site then you tell me as little as 2 or 3 of your favorite colors and I then I would be happy to search the web for something that will fit your fancy. I spend a lot of time on the web researching code getting ideas etc its now trouble for me to do the looking with a little direction from you.
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