Friends of Los Niños

A non-profit corporation dedicated to the care and nurture of orphaned, abandoned and sick children in Tijuana, Mexico


Child care involves the activities and functions of this corporation devoted, but not limited to shelter, nutrition, education, medical, spiritual and socialization.  Child care has been distributed over multiple organizations: DIF Albergue (Tijuana), Hogar Infantile (La Gloria), Colina de Luz (La Gloria), San Jose (Tijuana), Casa de la Los Angelitos (Tijuana), Spectrum Ministries (San Diego/Tijuana) and Grace International (Tijuana).   Please note that we do not provide total support for these institutions, but help with food, supplies and other needs.

We participate in the procurement and distribution of food and other supplies once a week in Tijuana.  We also have volunteers who track and attain the needs and we pay for the procurements.

As we continue working with several institutions, we encounter many opportunities to engage directly with their educational programs.  Some orphanages use public schools; others use private. 

Sponsorship involves both financial and counseling support for a child during the early years and the school years.  We pay for tuition; procure books, supplies, uniforms, etc. 

Children assigned to orphanages or homes may be moved frequently.  In the public school system, students must register for the whole year before the fall session.  If the student does not register before the fall session he/she must wait until the following year; i.e., the student cannot enter during the term

Medical support is, in part, devoted to the procurement of medicine and medical supplies.  In Mexico, most medicines, prescription or non prescription can be obtained over the counter without prescription. 

Food and Supplies





Child Care

First, let us examine the spiritual or faith center of this corporation.  It is important since so many donors and supporters come from varied faiths and denominations.  We are often asked spiritual questions: What is your religion?  Are you Christian?  Are you Catholic?  So you evangelize these children?  Do you baptize the children?  Do you immerse or sprinkle? And so on… 

Spiritual Life